Lydia See - the Art Caregiver


Hi! I'm Lydia See, a working artist, experienced art educator, and lover of people. I believe that care-giving can be a fun, educational opportunity for young and old alike to be exposed to art, music, movement, and creativity, and I have many years of child- and elder-care experience doing just that. Whether I come to your home for a few hours of babysitting with an art project to do with your children, accompany your elder family member to an art exhibit or a visit to the local history room at the library, or invite your kids to be inspired by nature on an art walk in the park, I wish to engage your family in every-day creativity and support their interests and budding talents.

+ more information below, please email me with any inquiries, references available upon request 


So what do I offer?

+ hourly babysitting (after-school care, day-care, evening hours) in your home
+ choice-based "lesson plans" formed over years of art education with children and adults ***
+ art excursions (the museum, the park, your neighborhood, the library)
+ group parties, classes, gatherings (school holidays/teacher workdays/early-release, birthday parties, etc.)
+ hourly and day rates available

What is included?

+ all supplies (small supply fee varies by project)
+ fun and positive reinforcement
+ over 15 years of experience in art education

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HUB-BUB and the Spartanburg County Public Libraries
Artist in the Community Resident | 2016 – 2017

Pilot Residency in partnership with local arts organization and the public library to build a more creatively engaged greater community through free, accessible, creative public programming.

+ created public studio/makerspace in downtown public library headquarters
+ designed/built portable loom to travel across the county to teach basic weaving and textile history to make contemporary connections to Spartanburg's textile history
+ designed and taught series of all-ages multidisciplinary creative workshops, including: Markmaking, Embroidery, Weaving, Photography, Land Art, Abstract Expressionism, Printmaking, and Collage at ten library branches across the county
+ engaged diverse communities: urban neighborhoods and smaller rural communities
+ participated in myriad free, community-based creative events and programming
+ collaborated with local artists on socially-engaged programming, and public art events and works
+ sustained active personal studio practice including several new bodies of work in local and regional exhibitions

Theater in the Open, Newburyport, MA
Instructor, Summer Arts Workshop | 2011 – 2014

Working with Theater in the Open, an arts non-profit known for high-caliber arts programming for over 40 years, I was lead teacher responsible for planning varied visual arts programming for wide age ranges, as well as seeking to connect the visual arts to other arts offered at the workshops (theater, music, and dance).

+ designed and implemented multidisciplinary arts curricula for ages 5-18
+ focused learning objectives toward PreK-12 Learning Standards for the Visual Arts
+ prepared budgets and ordered supplies for lesson plans
+ managed and trained staff while maintaining rigorous teaching schedule
+ utilized choice-based practices with the philosophy of teaching for artistic behavior

*** for more information on choice-based art education, please consult the Teaching for Artistic Behavior website 

all photographs on this page were taken by lydia see while teaching art workshops or art care-giving except for bio picture, taken by Parker J. Pfister. Please do not use images on this page without permission.