Northside Artlets - Eli Blasko with the Chapman Cultural
Center and the Northside Voyagers

The Artlet Project consists of four public sculptural spaces developed in close collaboration with community members of Spartanburg, South Carolina's Northside neighborhood. Conceptually, the project takes the idea of the front porch as its nexus, expanding upon this architectural feature's importance as a place where localized community and culture are built and perpetuated through the sharing of narratives, conversations, and a wide array of creative and other activities. By working directly with members of the community, the project seeks to encapsulate the Northside's unique mythology in the form of interactive, public spaces. Christened "Artlets" by residents during community forums held in 2014, these spaces are designed specifically to cater to a multitude of interactions with the neighborhood itself that can be expanded upon over the life of the works.


I assisted artist/designer Eli Blasko during various stages of the Northside Artlet Initiative, including implementing interactive all-ages projects to supplement Artlet programming and photographing portraits of community members, project participants and their families.

There was a lovely mini-documentary made about the project: