As a Creative Consultant, I enjoy project-based collaborations centering on strategic growth for creatives, small businesses, and non-profits. Some of the services I offer are listed below. To get in touch about hiring me for a project, shoot me a message!  


Family & Artist Collections

  • Arrangement & Description of Collections

  • Curation

  • Film, Image and Document Scanning

  • Digital Image Restoration

  • Research (Genealogical & other)

  • Ephemera Preservation


Film (35mm - large format) & Digital

  • Fine Art

  • Portraiture 

  • Lifestyle

  • Product

  • Documentary & Event



Design & Construction

  • Event 

  • Immersive Environment 

  • Set 

  • Retail Window & Display

  • Site-specific Sculpture & Land-art


Integrated Multidisciplinary Advising 

  • Strategic Planning

  • Creative Identity & Brand Development

  • Styling

  • Social Media

  • Non-profit Boards

  • Curatorial Projects

  • Editorial

  • Community Outreach

  • Event Planning

  • Research


Community & Art Education

  • Visual Art, Theater, Dance 

  • Early Childhood - Continuing Ed.

  • Workshops & Crash-Courses

  • Non-traditional Learning Environments

  • Curriculum Planning:
    Art Fundamentals
    Alternative Process, Digital, & Darkroom Photography
    Book & Paper 
    Fibers & Dyeing 
    Environmental Installation & Sculpture


If I can't help you, I know someone who can!

I have cultivated a network of immense talent. Whether you need costume design, letterpress, or even if you'd like a different style of a service I offer, just ask! I bet I can find the right set of hands for you. 

Would you like to play together?

Likewise, if you have an idea for a collaborative project or anything else, please holler!