grizzly bear announce new record, tour

september is going to be a banging month for new releases. {more on other september releases coming asap} according to their website and myriad other online music sources, grizzly bear will be releasing their next album, SHIELDS, on september 18th, 2012, pre-order digital and physical copies from their website!

{i just pre-ordered mine and got the first single, "sleeping ute" which is jangly and electronic and enmeshed with soaring harmonies and deep thunderous-simple percussion and delicate crashings and all the other things we love about grizzly bear}

the first single, "sleeping ute," may be listened to on their website or by playing the youtube video, though i think you should just pre-order the record.


  1. sleeping ute
  2. speak in rounds
  3. adelma
  4. yet again
  5. the hunt
  6. a simple answer
  7. what's wrong
  8. gun-shy
  9. half gate
  10. sun in your eyes


"and i can't / help myself.."

{pictures below by lydia see, made at bonnaroo 2009, please ask before use}