North Shore mini-cation :: L & R

Sunday Morning I surprised Ryan and took him on an Adventure up the North Shore. We started our day at Todd Farm, where we got some great crates for my art closet and organizing, and some hand carved wooden letters: L & R. {This place is amazing... but my advice is to get there at early as possible. By noon, half of the vendors are usually packing up, so I'd shoot for 8-9am as the prime-time to arrive.} After Todd Farm, we stopped at Tendercrop on the way to Maudslay to pick up some picnic supplies. We got blackberries, buffalo jerky, spindrift sodas, apples, kale chips, and probably something else I'm forgetting. At Maudslay State Park, during Theater in the Open's production of Little Red Robin Hood: A Merry Manly Panto! a few newly-wed visitors stole the show during their post-nuptials-photos. The young couple, both elegantly clad in foofy white dresses, joined Robin Hood {Edward Speck, Artistic Director of Theater in the Open} onstage for a few pictures.

After the show, Ryan and I stopped by my dad's annual Jazz Party, but I only shot a few 4x5's of Betty, a 99-year-old friend, and this guy's Model A Ford that he brings every year {which I will post once I get to developing them..}. After that we headed back over to the  Gatehouse. Unfortunately I was having too much fun to snap any pictures Sunday evening, but we played volleyball for hours and watched the season premiere of True Blood. Monday morning we woke up, I cooked brunch, and Ryan and I took a long stroll through Maudslay. He had never really spent any time in the park when we had stopped through Newburyport on previous trips, so he really enjoyed the secret spots I took him to.   His record came out the next day, so he really appreciated being cut off from the world for a few hours, not being forced to think about the record and stuff. The woods are good for that.