LadyCrush : Martini Severin :: Beyond Boston Chic

When I moved back to Massachusetts from NC, I came across Martini's blog, Beyond Boston Chic, and fell in love with her eye and her sense of humour! I am a long-time follower of other photography/style blogs, such as The Sartorialist & The Selby, and thought Martini's take was fresh and feminine, while remaining aesthetically well-shot and style-conscious. Her photographs seem effortless and intimate, and the accompanying written post is usually articulate, funny, and personal.

I joked with my Sweetheart that we couldn't move out of Boston until I had been photographed at my most stylish on the streets of Boston by Martini. I secretly dress as if she might pop out from behind a building at any time: I try to never leave the house looking unkempt lest I bump into her on one of those "off" style days.

These are some of my favorite recent images of hers, all pulled from her website: