From When I Lived Alone :: May 2009 mix {from the Cumberland Ave apt. #2}

After my hard drive crashed last year, I lost a bunch of my favorite monthly mixes. I was able to recover a few by having hard copies laying about, but also by tracing the archives of my old blog and email records. If you have any of my old mixes laying about your place {ahem, always June... perhaps, Juniper?} please send me the tracklisting so I may continue my recovery of these lost mixes. This one comes from May 2009, when I was living at the second Cumberland Ave apartment. The one with the side balcony and the breakfast nook. I don't have nearly enough pictures of that apartment. [8tracks width="400" height="400" playops="" url=""]

as always, if you want a hard-copy of the mix, just holler.