SHIELDS :: Grizzly Bear // YET AGAIN

SHIELDS will be officially released on September 18th {same day as my loves, Band of Horses}. Here's another track, "Yet Again,"  from the forthcoming album {which I have already pre-ordered and couldn't possibly be more excited about.} [youtube=]

According to Ed Droste, the songwriting was much more collaborative on this album than on prior releases..

ED: With Veckatimest, there was the sense that if you heard someone singing a song, you could assume that they wrote the lyrics and the melody. That was their song. But this time around, there's so much crossover. There are melodies that Dan [Rossen] wrote that I ended up singing and writing lyrics for, as well as piano things that I wrote originally for myself but Dan took and used as a springboard for his own thing, with words that came from me. We've never done anything like that before. Chris Bear and I did a writing retreat together; Chris Bear and Chris Taylor and I did a writing retreat together; Dan and Chris Taylor did a writing retreat together. Every collaborative permutation happened. There was a lot more openness to band members saying, "I think you could change the chord here," or "This line sounds a little awkward." We traded off duties a lot more.

Yellow House was very much fully composed when we brought to the table. We were like, "OK, we're gonna record this," and we did it. It was great, but since the ideas were done, there wasn't as much room to putz around with it. This time, because we started working together at such an early point in the writing process, there are very few moments on the album that started out as pre-formed ideas that were brought to the table. There was much more openness from everyone in the band to spur a collaborative spirit, which was really different.

As a band, we went away for what seemed like a long time. We took a break after all that touring, so coming back together to try to write and record was like being in junior high again-- after you go away for the summer, the first couple of weeks are slightly awkward when you get back to school. Then, you get back into the swing. Everyone keeps getting older and their tastes are constantly evolving, and it's always exciting to see where people are. The good news is we're not doing Veckatimest Part II. All of our albums sound like us, but they're definitely not the same.


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