"Grounding force of evolving beauty" a feature in Barista Magazine with Trade & Lore

A few months ago my sweet friends opened a new shop in Asheville, Trade & Lore. The philosophy of the shop is rooted in process, which is how I was invited to be involved in the shop's aesthetics as the resident artist. Highlighting single-origin coffees from Mountain Air Roasting and a slew of rotating guest roasters, Trade&Lore is honoring the slowness inherent in coffee, dialing in the right grind and preferred brew for each bean and serving specialty drinks featuring seasonal, unexpected, and local ingredients. 

Recently Trade&Lore was featured in Barista magazine, and our creative partnership was mentioned:
"Local artist Lydia See is in the process of a progressive installation that will take place over the next several months, including a range of weavings using natural fibers and textiles. Her work is both approachable and relatable, a grounding force of evolving beauty."
(thanks to Sarah Richmond for the lovely words!)

Read the full article here. (we're on pages 22-23)