practice/process, self doubt, and old work

While in a whirlwind of new-work-making one of the drawbacks is that I'm not as great at sharing the work with the world. Unless I have a show or a specific reason to show or tell beyond glimpses on Instagram, I often let it sit. Especially my photographs. I make them and then...?

I go through the various (grief-like) stages of/responses to making: deep love and admiration of the work and myself for making it, complex self-deprecation, light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel excitement at the glimpse of a solution to a material or conceptual investigation, exponentially expanding line of questioning on the point of art and art-making in general, and myriad other modes of making myself miserable until I get to a place of near completion, at which point I often hide the thing away and pretend it never happened. 

Then I have a reason to look at the work: refreshing my cv, applying for residencies, doing some much-needed website updates, and I come across something that I had forgotten, or a WHOLE BODY OF WORK that I neglected to do anything with for some of the aforementioned reasons, that causes me to stop and consider the work.

And I often like it. Sometimes I even think it's pretty good, and I wonder why I never did anything with it, or, at the very least, put it up on my website.

So I'm working my way through some pretty deep archives, especially the 4"x5" and medium format negatives from the last few years, and the photographs I made in another life. Until I figure out where all this work fits in with the rest of my work, it'll be here. 

So, here's a smattering to start, all taken in early 2015: