looking up :: Maudslay State Park / fairy pond :: 4x5" / Graflex

lydiasee002-trees On this particular day, after six or so hours of teaching art outside, in Maudslay, to tykes and teens alike, my assistant Stephanie and I decided to walk back down to the fairy pond to where we had come across an owl pellet earlier in the day. A "nature moment" as I am prone to call any time our outdoor classroom yields unexpected learning opportunities, the owl pellet allowed us to explain how the scatological cycle of owls differed from that of other birds the kids were used to, and from themselves, for that matter. Unfortunately I was ill-prepared to dissect the pellet with the kids, so Stephanie and I went to retrieve the bones later in the day.

IMG_1773  IMG_1806

We brought my Graflex along, as Stephanie is an aspiring photographer and had never really shot any film before. After collecting the tiny bones from the owl pellet, I explained the basics of large-format film and operating a light-meter to her, and let Steph shoot a couple of sheets with my 4x5".

Right before we left to head back to the Gatehouse, I laid down on the ground and took the above image looking up into the pines.

{pictures of the owl pellet and some of my kids' Andy Goldsworthy-inspired environmental sculpture}