List #1 - to be completed by Saturday July 13

1. Go to NY but only hang out in Brooklyn done, June 30 - july 5 2. Shoot some Lady Makers who are inspiring to me done, B.IMPRESSED, letterpress extrordinaire

3. Finally shoot Dead Horse Bay and collect some stuff done, and damn did we collect some stuff.

4. Finish moving into our apartment we've been in since May 1 i did it! almost.... i think esb is right about planning a housewarming to force me to finish getting settled. Adding that to the aprés Paris list.

5. Hang all clothes, put away all Laundry, wash all dirty laundry sheets, towels, clothes, dishrags, everything has been washed. we will come home to a pristine home. The putting away wasn't as thorough as i would have liked but hey, I am feeling pretty good right now.

6. Pack for Paris - decide which cameras I'm bringing and stick to the plan (buy new backpack?) 4x5", 120mm 6x7, polaroid 660, fuji instax wide, holga, canon 5d 50mm 1.4f, and the new pack is a gorgeous archival rucksack in a nice gray waxed twill. So. Fine.

7. Drop film at Colortek .. nope

8. Scan some @$%^& negatives .. nope

Well I can't win them all but at least i completed everything that was relatively time sensitive... er whatever.