The Cloud Library Research Station

The Cloud Library Research Station is an Instagram aggregate online exhibition of images which modify, demonstrate, confirm, or challenge our visual associations with "the cloud." It is a cloud-based, crowd-sourced examination of content examining "the cloud" (networked, internet-based sharing) as it intersects societal, romantic, and symbolic representations of the "cloud(s)." The Cloud Library Research Station invites participation and engagement, connecting image-makers through shared content, highlighting unseen connections across time and space. By utilizing "the cloud," the exhibition exists without walls and is perpetually dynamic.

The Cloud Library Research Station feed is populated by adding #thecloudlibraryresearchstation to images posted on Instagram, and is accessible to anyone with an internet connection. Instagram users may "follow" the hashtag as well. By using an egalitarian platform with no curation or physical space, the image stream exhibits an unlimited potential for interpretation, widening the definition of "(the) cloud." It examines how variations on a theme can be used to simultaneously narrow and widen meaning, and how our perceptions and associations may be altered based on proximity. Submissions are always open, the feed will continue to change, and new conversations between images will continue to emerge as more images are tagged. 

TO VIEW THE ENTIRE COLLECTION: #thecloudlibraryresearchstation

The Cloud Library Research Station aggregate was devised by Lydia See, inspired by and in collaboration with The Cloud Library Vol. 1, curated by Eric Baden, for photo+sphere, November 2018.

to see the current #thecloudlibraryresearchstation feed, click the hashtag.